Friday, November 14, 2014

Pretty things

 A beautiful moment is etched with the sun setting and scattering it's wings, iridescent, a fiery orange, a sandy yellow and warm shades of pink woven together for its smooth landing over the other side of the globe.

 A deep breath relieves itself from the body, slowly whilst leaving a shy smile as it looks up at the deep, starry sky. 

 A bath in the sparkle of the warm Winter's sunlight and in it, each sentiment glowing.

 A beating heart beats increasingly fast, pounds; encompassed in the hustle of the city smog, waiting for rain to ail it's restlessness.

 A pure beginning each morning in the dew set like pearls for the soul. 

 A sigh in every overwhelming moment that passes fills life in mine. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Haiku : Without

Sans touch, sans voice, sans
Everything, creeping into mere oblivion each day
She hears him whisper, "stay".

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fiction 55 : April Rain

The scent is here and yet it is not,
Of ripe, yellow mangoes and chlorine smeared water,
And the utopia of starting afresh.
O' April Rain, do not bestow upon us,
Joys of the surreal.
For there is pain in departure
Of a daughter, and in yours
Stained in memory of one
that never was.


Friday, February 28, 2014

My First Global Village Visit!

  Being a member of the AIESEC Delhi University team, I spent the day before Valentine's, February 13, 2014 at the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon meeting all our global interns at the event called Global Village for obvious reasons, a day well spent, I'd say. The Global Village was a melting pot of cultures with AIESEC interns from all over the world at a single place, opening up to us, a world they left behind when they came to India to work. Although these interns work in the country for 5-6 weeks, they seem to have embraced India's colourful heritage and imbibed it into their own culture through their preferences in kurta pajamas and patiala salwar suits and longing to eat chola bathura just like most of us do!

  With a number of stalls representative of the cultures of various countries set up like Egypt, China and Afghanistan (my personal favorites), they had showcased their patriotism through their clothing and food and some really adorable souvenirs. I'd never known the difference between real Chinese food and what I mistake to be Chinese food at Side Wok that I hog but I absolutely loved the authentic flavors and maybe, if there weren't so many of them around, I'd have licked that bowl clean (Gotta love food!) And the icing on all that yum stuff? They prepared us an extravagant show of dances for an incredibly excited audience at the Kingdom of Dreams. In the end though, after the event, we got to pick up a few of their crazy dance moves and jived!

  Every one of us in the audience had a great time interacting with our foreign interns and learning about their cultures. And they gave away their little bearings and baubles from their countries to visitors. This, along with Kingdom of Dreams launching their economy ticket for only Rs. 500, obviously lead to an abundance of cheer and smiles all over.

  Although if you do wish to experience some of the most amazing adventures in life like mine in AIESEC or make an impact on the society but don't know how to or even attend Youth Global Entrepreneur Program? As a college student, know that you can. :)

* For more more details, check them out on facebook as Aiesec in Delhi University!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

random fiction 55.

Caught between eighteen and twenty,
I had aged enough, darling,
enough to feel, 
enough to understand,
and enough to accept,
I had, and always would
be satisfied

On looking back,
On looking forward;
What I had could never
be replaced

And I am ready tonight, and
Darling, if you must,
shoot me dead,
with love.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The perks of being a couch potato

I always wondered what life would be like if I just slowly turned to being the oblivious, indifferent, relatively sane and slimmer, Couch Potato like my little sister, Gursheen. She stares at the television set all day, refuses to stop herself from instant messaging every person who pings her on her Blackberry Messenger and her supply of soda and Maggi noodles is unending just like her urge to sleep for at least fifteen hours a day. What would it feel to be so careless, irresponsible and unhealthy?

Unfortunately, You and I are either the Rule or in case, those of you who are like my younger sister, the exception to the Rule. The Rule would very obviously be boredom, lack of psychological relief even if you've watched Sarabhai vs Sarabhai on Youtube, ill fitting clothes, little white lies about what you've seen on the weighing machine after standing over it tilting leftwards, attempts to hide between people in pictures, pacifying yourself by repeating to yourself that it's just a phase stretched too far by now, eating after every few minutes, withdrawal and its many symptoms, lethargic, guilt ridden, sick of eating and finding it totally incomprehensible how you ended up this way. There's one word for it - laziness.

I weigh fifty six kilograms which is perfect weight according to the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator. But I believe it isn't. I try to vomit after I eat. I find it okay to be bulimic. I vomit when my feelings make binge or eat more than I think I should. A few day ago, I received messages from an acquaintance on Facebook saying this would be a good time to start dieting or joining back my tennis class. The way I look at it, it wasn't the best way to tell me I am fat. I tell myself every day as I get up, today I shall not eat much and truthfully, the day seldom ends without Domino's pizza or soda or burgers from McDonald's and KFC. Every day, I refuse to start playing again because I feel it's too sunny outside an it is but I have played outdoors in the Sun every year too in the sweatiest hours. And yet, I have not ventured out although my favorite season is already here. I haven't started swimming saying I need a new swimsuit. I haven't made the effort to run much less the extra mile. I haven't played football or tennis in a long time either. I just sit in bed all day doing nothing. On the phone which I curse all the time owing to its mind numbing plague and Facebook. I haven't read a single book in what they call forever and I haven't bothered to update my iPod either. I've read some absolutely shallow hate mail on these new confession pages on Facebook too. There's one for every place you visit such as my school which I'm happy to have left, my colony which seems absolutely pathetic like the former one, so on and so forth. It's a pitiful condition it feels to just not care and do nothing all day. Feels worse when you leave blossoming opportunities behind you instead of grabbing them with both hands. So much for trying to be a Couch Potato, huh?

I may have crossed that level long ago in 2012 and it is still growing on me like a parasite. All the things on my bucket list after the Boards remain untouched like all the books that I kept for reading in a thin layer of dust. I am constantly trying to fight the feeling to do nothing at all and eventually falling asleep. I hate sleeping. The very smell of food is revolting to my stomach. I find the television set unusually boring. I do miss going outdoors but as I said I am lazy. I procrastinate and life does not while I'm at it. I'd blame life for such an awful Board year where I was subjected to eating, sleeping and studying only. My mum and dad ask me to join them for a jog every evening but over the year, I feel now it is a compulsion. Everything is. I am absolutely clueless when I turned from being happy to completely indifferent towards what made me happy.

Right here is when you realize the Rule, at least that's when I did. There are no perks of being a Couch Potato. None at all. Unless, you are the exception to the Rule and without the presence of the idiot box, potato chips and soda, you act like you're suffering from Premenstrual Syndrome.

As much as I cannot judge another person's outside as they have judged mine, I won't be returning the favor. But I solemnly swear, I will get out of my room and my house and get dressed and start doing things. Even though mum and dad left without me for a jog today and even though I may not have much to do, I will. And hopefully, if you've been experimenting with the same, you will get out for a change.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One wish

You call for me
by numerous overwhelming names,
and to some I respond
quicker than the one,
on my passport's front page

You pull my hair,
for you have too many,
and that's the excuse I put up with
every time I karate chop back

You drag me outside
under the pitiless fire ball
and sit with me
when nothing helps more,
than the one tight hug you give
as soon as you see me

You screech with me,
in chorus, and we
are loud and unaccepted
together as we roam
about the society of the civilians

You know too well,
the answer to all my riddles,
the punch line to all my jokes,
to laugh with me,
before they're all told

You bully me around,
when we're all alone
can't find a worse liar,
seeing me through
more than I guise


You, I've held
too firmly on the inside
even as I forget to express,
how I'd never be able to cut,
my birthday cake without you
to blow my candles for me

For every wish,
before the last candle blown,
is you to be here
as you had been
continuing to unwrap
all my presents and
eating my candies

Creative Commons License
This work by Harsheen Sethi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 India License.